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Andrei Rosca

change strategist

Doua lucruri sunt importante pentru mine: sa ma dezvolt si sa am impact. 15 ani am facut asta prin antreprenoriat si business iar de 6 ani o fac ajutand oameni sa se schimbe. Folosesc un mix personal de interventii strategice, coaching si consultanta.

In ultimii 17 ani am tot fondat firme si proiecte, inainte sa aflu ca ceea ce vreau sa fac este sa ajut oameni sa se schimbe. Am trecut prin IT, productie de sisteme audio, web development si publicitate. In 2006 m-am oprit in mediul online. Intre 2006 si 2012 m-am ocupat cu bookblog.ro, cel mai important blog de carti din Romania, o organizatie atipica, jumatate societate comerciala, jumatate organizatie non-profit.

In 2011 am lansat Spada, agentie digitala specializata in campanii de promovare in social media iar in 2015 m-am retras din managementul agentiei, ramanand insa actionar unic al companiei. Am facut exit total in decembrie 2018.

De coaching m-am apucat in 2013, cand am facut prima formare si am inceput sa lucrez cu clienti, pe diverse obiective, iar incepand cu 2016 m-am dedicat 100% clientilor mei.

Folosesc o abordare pragmatica, orientata pe rezultate, influentata de dubla formare internationala in Strategic Intervention Coaching (Tony Robbins & Cloe Madanes) si Noble Manhattan (Co-Active Coaching). Cred in abordari holistice, din mai multe unghiuri, nu in retete si aplicat sabloane. Lucrez atat fata in fata, cat si via Skype/telefon.

  • Add Heart Facilitator  (HeartMath Institute)
  • Strategic Intervention Coach (Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha, Magali Peysha, 2016-2019)
  • Unleash the Power Within (Tony Robbins, London, 2019)
  • Licensed Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) (Richard Bandler and John La Valle, London, 2017)
  • Erickson Coaching M1, Marilyn Atkinson (2017)
  • Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd. UK (Romania, 2013)
  • Self Hypnosis & Change Techniques (Ericksonian Hypnosis) (John Thompson, Romania 2012)
  • Change Strategist
  • Business Owner, Spada – digital media agency
  • Marketing & Social Media Trainer / Co-Founder, Social Smarts
  • Leadership Team Member, consultant and coach, Thinslices
  • Business Owner, bookblog.ro
  • Co-founder & advisor, Interactive Business Tools
  • Co-founder & advisor, empower.ro
  • Founder, BasicMarketing
  • Co-founder, Web Expert

Andrei is brilliant! He really is. He is by far one of the most intelligent, perceptive and empathic people I've ever met. But most importantly, Andrei takes the time to listen. Thanks to our talks and his advice, I was able to get some clarity and figure out how to beat the fears that were holding me back from achieving my goals. I’ve already recommended Andrei to my friends, and no doubt I’ll be going back to soak up more of his brilliance and knowledge.

Alexandra GavrilFreelance Copywriter & Blogger

Andrei has profoundly changed how I see and evaluate myself. He played an instrumental role in my transition from being employed full-time for over a decade to becoming a full-time freelancer (with all the fears, doubts, and challenges it implies).

In just a few hours, Andrei made a lasting impact on my life. I'm sure he can do the same for many, many others, including yourself, if you feel you need help getting unstuck or on top of a thorny issue.

Andra ZahariaFreelance Content Marketer / Podcaster

Progress was obvious from the beginning: it took me only one meeting with Andrei to transition from an anxious and frustrated mood towards a peaceful one. Once he helped me disentangle the wires in my head and gain clarity, it was easy for me to take the right decisions, and make sure that I don’t fall into the same trap ever again.

Cristina ChipuriciCo-founder of The CEO Library

Deciding to work with Andrei was probably one of the best decision that I made in the last few years. It isn't easy to accept that it comes a moment when you need help. And by working with Andrei, I gained more than I was initially looking for.
I start working with him because I wanted to learn how to create good habits, how to become more disciplined and how to have patience. After only six sessions I've achieved much more. I've learnt how to measure performance, how to control my emotions, how to correctly identify and manage my needs, how to listen, how to breathe, how to focus. Andrei showed me strategies that I can use in the future and how to keep going to achieve my dreams.
I recommend him to anyone who is looking to become better.

Monica SibisteanuContent & Community Manager

The one thing that I admire most about Andrei apart from his obvious intelligence and wit is the fact he is the honest, down-to-earth, no-B.S. kind of person - always speaking straight to the point and keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground (even when daydreaming) - which makes him very reality-oriented (rather than just someone who speaks from theory or mere idealism).

Petre BirleaPsychotherapist and Coach